SPECIAL: Fighting Nukes In Israel Is An Uphill Battle

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Photo: Writer | Credit: FlickrBy Sharon Dolev*

BINYAMINA-GIV'AT ADA - Around the world, when it comes to nuclear weapons, it is a well know “secret” that Israel is a Nuclear Armed State. Just like India and Pakistan, Israel has developed a nuclear arsenal, but unlike the two, Israel’s arsenal remains a secret. Israel doesn’t talk about its arsenal and usually, doesn’t take part in any international or regional discourse about it


THE LAST PAGE: Chavez Had Creative Link With A US Organisation

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Photo credit: Joe-4-OilBy Ernest Corea*

WASHINGTON DC - The death of President Hugo Chavez, after a drawn-out battle with cancer, brought out huge crowds of grieving Venezuelans onto the country’s streets. Their grief suggested that he had been a more effective ruler than many of his critics allowed


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